About The Trust

The East Cambridge Open Space Trust was formed in 2004 to bring more open space and public amenities to East Cambridge by the use of funds gained through a legal settlement with the developers of Cambridge Research Park. We have collected the majority of the funds expected and are ready to begin the process of determining how best to use them.

The Trust is governed by a board of seven trustees. As per our by-laws, they are chosen as follows:

One appointed by East End House;
Currently Michael Delia, President and CEO of East End House.

One appointed by the board of the East Cambridge Planning Team;
Currently Mark Jaquith.

Two chosen by and from the East Cambridge Planning Team general membership;
Currently Rhonda Massie and Carole Bellew.

Three unaffiliated East Cambridge residents appointed by the trustees;
Currently Wayde Porrovecchio, John Filoon, and Tom Joyce.

The basic criteria for how we will decide to apply our funds are listed below.
  • This money is to be used for projects in East Cambridge only. For our purposes, East Cambridge is defined as the area bounded by the Grand Junction Rail line on the west, Main Street to the south, the Charles River to the east, and the Boston and Somerville borders to the north.
  • We will make all reasonable efforts to leverage other funding with partners such as developers and the City of Cambridge.
  • Projects should benefit the largest number of residents possible.
  • Projects should be as permanent as possible. We will make sure that land is protected in perpetuity through the use of easements, deed restrictions, or other such legal devices. We will work with the City of Cambridge to achieve this goal. Ultimately we would like the City to take ownership and maintenance responsibility to assure this.
  • We will spend funds in the most fiscally responsible and cost-effective way.
  • Money will be spent for public benefit only and not for private use or private gain.
See our Standards page for more detail. Our site is still under construction, and that page will be added soon.