Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What New Open Space or Public Amenities Would You Like to See in East Cambridge?

East Cambridge already has a good number of public parks, and there are a few planned that have yet to be built or completed. However, we are a densely packed neighborhood, and we are always looking for more breathing room or recreational opportunities in the neighborhood for our kids and ourselves. Our mission is to help bring that about. We do not have an unlimited amount of money to use, but the amount is certainly enough to make some substantial improvements. For example, we have more than the city spent building the Community Garden at Lopez Park, but less than they spent renovating Gold Star Mothers Park. So, with that as a guide, we are asking our East Cambridge neighbors to let us know what sorts of projects they would like to have the trust consider.

Our definition of Open Space is generally as defined by the City of Cambridge Zoning Ordinance with the exception of that associated with housing. Acquisition and improvement of land (new and improved parks and playgrounds), addition of amenities to public spaces (planters, benches, etc.), and support of programming in public spaces (festivals, concerts, recreational or educational programs, etc.) are all possibilities. We would like our projects to benefit all residents and to be permanent, but there are many possibilities. We're sure there are many things that we haven't thought of. That's where you come in. You can add your suggestions in the comment box below.

When adding your comments, consider the following questions:

What do you think the best use of East Cambridge Open Space Trust funds would be?

What sorts of public amenities would you like to see (or see more of) in East Cambridge?

Can you think of a large project (costing over $100,000) that you would like us to consider?

Can you think of a couple of small projects (costing under $10,000) that you would like us to consider?

Do you have any general comments or suggestions that you would like us to consider when deciding how to use the trust's funds?

All final decisions will be made by a vote of the trustees based on preference and the criteria listed on the "About" page.

Click on the word comments below and let us know what you would like.

Thank you very much.

The Trustees of the East Cambridge Open Space Trust


  1. I live in East Cambridge and it can have a kind of down and out feel in some parts of it. I think it would be wonderful to do some community gardens with programs for kids to participate. Flowers and organic vegetables would be a great addition to our "Open Space"

  2. How about using the funds to start constructing the walking/biking path along the Grand Junction? Even just a portion of it would be lovely, and it would make an important start to really seeing this vision become reality. it could be an active park/open space for lots of people.
    Thank you!
    (we live in East Cambridge)

  3. I think a great addition would be an off leash dog park.

  4. I live in East Cambridge and it can have a kind of down and out feel in some parts of it. I think it would be wonderful to do some community gardens with programs for kids to participate.

  5. Landscape/green improvements along 6th Street. This street is a much used corridor into the neighborhood from Kendall MIT. The nice feel of the public thru block connector between Main and Binney quickly falls apart on entry to the neighborhood! A good place to start is the block where the Police Station and AT&T parking is. Street trees on both sides of the street to match the oaks on the walkway, and or trees and shrubs in the derelict planter by the parking lot would be a good place to start!

    The space in front of the 6th st. Library could also use some sprucing up.

    Improvements to the pocket/kiddie parks such as Silva Park, Hurley St (between Sciarappa and 5th) and Gore Park would be nice.
    Gore St. park needs some furniture repairs at very least. Silva could use improved plantings along sidewalks and at the corner to spruce things up. Ditto for Hurley.

  6. (a much larger project..)
    I'd LOVE to see Lechmere Canal Park linked up to the Museum of Science park where the picnic pavilion is, and ideally on to the Charles River Esplanade on the Boston side. This would be a great pedestrian/bicycle and joggers link! It would probably involve a boardwalk about the size/length of the new Broad River Canal boardwalk. Could the Museum be involved (and others) in some sort of partnership to get something like this done?